Miele Dishwasher Repair & Maintenance Best Practices

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Your Miele Dishwasher is engineered for a long life, in fact, up to 20 years.

Did you know?  Miele tests their dishwashers for over 7,000 cycles.  That is how they determined the 15-20 year life expectancy.

Best Practice 1

If you see droppings, don’t just exterminate.  Eliminate points of entry.

Best Practice 2

Maintain the temperature of water entering the unit at 125-130 degrees F.

For the love of hot showers you can connect your Miele dishwasher to the cold water valve.  Not only might that save on your heating bill, but it also reduces etching that causes dishware to break over time!

Best Practice 3

For the love of money, do your best to keep it in your pocket!

  • During cleaning of the non-return valve, as instructed in your manual, do not pull it apart to remove debris. Just use water and shaking to clear it.
  • Do not believe that guy on the internet who tells you to use a 2-pronged fork to get your circulation pump moving.

Using the wrong tool will likely break the pump.  Call Mr. Green Jeans, a Miele Authorized service company, or Miele to find out if Miele’s special tool might work with your situation.  It’s the right tool for the right job.

  • Do not believe the guy you found who will diagnose your Miele dishwasher for a “great deal” that sounds like manna from heaven.

Free phone advice from Mr. Green Jeans, a Miele Authorized servicer,  or Miele will yield better results and prevent you from adding that “great deal” to your dishwasher repair costs.

  • Remember this. Drain pumps seldom fail.  If the guy with the “great deal” says you need one and he has it ready to go, re-read Best Practice 3-3.
  • The best but hardest pill to swallow…your dishwasher needs dirty dishes, unless you just want to have an expensive enclosed dish rack. That might be okay since it eliminates all other best practices.  To use it for washing though:
    1. Scrape off particles and leave juices – yes, that dripping stuff is needed so the detergent enzymes have something with which to work.
    2. Use the proper amount of detergent:
      1. 1 tsp liquid, or,
      2. 1 tbsp powder, or
  • ½ tablet (no tablets that have liquid or other ingredients that can’t be halved), or
  1. 1 Miele tablet which some users also have halved at times.
  1. Periodically check the spray arms for debris and clean as needed.

Best Practice 4

Protect your investment by not allowing the “great deal” or internet repair guy to guide you down a dark path.  Rely on the advice of a Miele Authorized service provider like Mr. Green Jeans Appliance Repair, or Miele, first.

Happy dishwashing with your Miele dishwasher!